Review: Ride Wild by Laura Kaye

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“But you worked your way into my heart and my head and my house and my whole life until I could see again that I had a life.”

Because asdfghjkl!! The feels I have for this book! Ohmygad bes, I was shookt! Like, from the dedication and then knowing its Slider's story? Bes, mygas! I didn't know! I didn't read the blurb. *laughs maniacally* I mean, it's Laura Kaye for crying out loud, and baby its my Raven Riders. My love for this MC is to the roof!

Cora Campbell came to stay with the Raven Riders when she was rescued together with her friend Haven during one of the operations of the club when they helped the Hard Ink men. Throughout her journey, she felt powerless and all she wanted to do was be needed and loved and make her plans happen. Ever since Ride Hard, I've been rooting for Cora to have what she wanted. I was definitely intrigued by her. Her support and love for Haven are admirable but the secrets and laughs that she has was something piqued my protective instincts.

Slider on the hand has the world on his shoulders. The only thing that kept him leaving was his two sons who are so adorable and cute!

For reals, I'm just a blubbering mess! I've been like hoping and wishing it's gonna be their story and I was just so excited that it actually is! Added the problem they are facing with Jagger's jail time and the frame up, this book was just everything!

I think one thing I didn't count on and didn't expect was the weight on Slider's shoulder. My heart just melted for the guy but the gradual changes and the way how he 'came back to the living' was so intense it made me smile like a fool.

This book is definitely a treat for Raven Riders fans and Hard Ink fans out there! Yas, because baby OMG my boys!

The mood of the book, however, is quite different from other MC books out there, as it has little angst and violence. But I love it nevertheless because it focused on love and family and the people around us whom we can lean on when we are in need. Family doesn't have to be blood.

And I thought Eileen is the cutest, but Bosco TLB is just love.

This book is just everything! *sigh* Laura Kaye, I cannot wait for more from the Riders! I can't choose whom I want next, I mean there's Jagger with me being curious of what he faced in the prison, or Phoenix or probably Caine.

My beloved Raven Riders, I love them so much.

I want to find something I've wanted all along
Somewhere I belong
~ “Somewhere I Belong,” Linkin Park

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