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From USA Today & Internationally Bestselling Authors
Sue-Ellen Welfonder and Tarah Scott
In a place beyond rules,
daring is power,
and love is the greatest threat of all...
Sue-Ellen Welfonder and Tarah Scott
Genre: Historical Romance, Time Travel
Series: Edge Series, Book 1
Publisher: Broken Arm Publishing
Publication Date: December 27, 2016
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Two of Scottish romance’s most loved authors have joined pens to write a thrilling new time travel series filled with passion, danger, and intrigue. These never-before-published novels will sweep you to Scotland’s Highland Heatheredge, where magic is real, time is relevant, and there is no escape from desire…
Men are disappearing in the Highland crofting village of Heatheredge. The authorities suspect foul play, but without signs of violence—or bodies—they can’t prove a thing.
World champion swordsman Cailean Ross is living the fantasy of a lifetime as the victor of Heatheredge’s medieval reenactment Gathering. But when the fantasy turns into reality, swordplay becomes a fight to the death and he finds himself among the ‘missing’ statistics.
Julianna Mackay flees a man she fears is an evil wizard and literally runs into handsome Cailean Ross. Cailean defends Lady Julianna from her attackers. Together, they set out in search of the key to a six-hundred-year-old curse that can only be broken in medieval Scotland.
When the veil of time is lifted, Cailean and Julianna find that love may not be enough to save them or those they hold dear.

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She preceded him into the kitchen and stopped at sight of Cailean, hip leaning against the heavy oaken table where Sue pounded bread.
“Ye are a rogue, Cailean.” The dark-haired girl laughed a husky, sensual laugh.
Cailean laid a hand over his heart. “Ye wound me, lass.”
“Cailean, since you are here playing with the lasses, ye can make yourself useful,” Cook said.
“I am at your service, madam.”
Cook gave him a stern look that didn’t quite mask the smile playing at the corners of her mouth. Julianna stared. Cook was ancient. Surely she wasn’t charmed by the man? He clearly enjoyed being the center of the women’s attention, but that was like a man. Still, she had been certain he had some affection for her. Why— Then she knew why. Sir Lawren hovered at her side. Someone told Cailean that Sir Lawren courted her. Lennox—no, she realized as quickly as the thought formed. After last night, Lennox couldn’t be amenable to the match. But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t allow Cailean to believe there was more between her and Sir Lawren than there was. She would have a long talk with her brother.
“Bring those oats over here, Cailean.” Cook pointed to a sack of oats in the corner near the kitchen door.
Sue’s eyes shifted to Julianna and Cailean looked in her direction.
He straightened from the table.  “My lady.”
The amusement died from his expression. Aye, something had definitely changed between them.
Cook and the other women looked her way. Sweet Jesu, they had been so enthralled with him that they hadn’t noticed her presence. Sue yanked her attention to the bread she was kneading.
“You seem to be enjoying yourself, Cailean.”
Sir Lawren stiffened beside her and she realized her mistake. Julianna went to the table and set down the eggs. Cailean seemed to break from a spell and hurried to the corner and fetched the bag of oats.
“Thank ye, Cailean,” Cook said.
Julianna glimpsed the side-look Sue cast in his direction. This time, he seemed oblivious of her attention. He also wasn’t looking in Julianna’s direction. She would take care of that. First, however, she had to send Sir Lawren on his way.
Julianna strode from the kitchen and wasn’t surprised when the knight followed.
“Lady Julianna,” he said when they’d taken a few steps, “I would speak with you alone.”
She glimpsed the handful of knights sitting near the hearth and her cheeks warmed when two of the men glanced in their direction. Heaven help her, Lawren was either going to propose or try to make love to her. Now was not the time for either.
“Forgive me, Sir Lawren, I forgot to give Cook instructions for the evening meal. My mother invited guests.” A blatant lie, but one that would save her a great deal of trouble. “Can we talk later—or tomorrow, perhaps? I have much work today.” She turned and headed back to the kitchen.
She got three steps when he called, “Lady Julianna.”
Julianna feared he would come after her. She glanced over her shoulder. “Please, my lord, I—”
His eyes widened and he took a step toward her. “My lady—”
She yanked her attention toward the kitchen and got a mouthful of shirt and hard muscle. Something thudded onto her feet. She cried out as strong fingers seized her arms. Julianna snapped her head up and met Cailean’s gaze.
“Are you all right, my lady?” he demanded.
His brow furrowed and the concern in his eyes made her knees go weak. Something struck her foot and she looked down to see apples scattered across the floor. A burlap bag lay half across their feet and half on the floor.
She lifted her face to Cailean’s. “Apples.”

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USA Today and Internationally bestselling authors Sue-Ellen Welfonder and Tarah Scott have more in common than friendship. For many years, they’ve both enjoyed spending their working hours in a world of romance and adventure, bringing handsome Highlanders and their ladies to life. Now they’ve joined pens, deciding that when it comes to happily-ever-afters, two writers can stir up even more danger and desire for the characters they love. The EDGE series, Scottish time travel romances, is their first co-authored project, and launches Dec. 27th with EDGE OF YESTERDAY.
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