About Me

“Reading is an alternate universe where I can be whoever I want and do whatever I want. It made me led a thousand different lives, travel thousand different places, experience multiple culture and travel back through time. Reading is my life.”
~ Kay Su❤️

I fell in love with reading when I was 10 in the fifth grade when I stumble upon a Tagalog Romance pocketbook. Well, actually there was two. Everyday I Love You and Secrets: Sa Likod ng Maskara. It wasn’t a year after that I’ve been able to read more and I became obsessed with a family who lived double lives: corporate moguls and detectives/spies. And then I met my first Book Boyfriend.

I never really had any interest reading English novels because it actually makes me sleepy. But I could never forget that book which I’ve forgotten the title that had been my cherry popping. I remember all too well the first word in the first chapter. “Sex?” Sadly, it was a contemporary romance with no sex in it. (Lol!)

It wasn’t until The Twilight Saga that I’ve embraced reading English novel. Once in a while, someone would show me one just because they wanted me to read something they loved and enjoyed. And then life happened and I’ve forgotten about books and the escape they’ve given me. I’ve been focused with how to be in the real world.

It was when I discovered e-books while depressed that I’ve become obsessed with reading. My reading transitioned from Tagalog Romance to English novel fully. Little by little, it happened and I could only read two or three Tagalog pocketbooks, if possible in a year.

Reviewing however was something I’ve done because of the book challenges I’ve joined on Goodreads. And then I’ve discovered the Read to Review and the Read for Review program. I was like a little child finding something I don’t have any idea about and from then on, this blog was born.

I operate on a +8 GMT Time zone and I’m messy and unorganized. I post sporadically. I need my 8 to 10 hours of sleep. I’m usually unresponsive during the weekends. I’m moody. I’m a stalker, wanderer, crazy insane bitch who loves to talk about books and posts food.

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