Hard and gritty

Book Review 10:30:00 PM


Release Blitz 4:16:00 PM

How much is your happiness?

Book Review 3:58:00 PM

Yes Mistress is in order.

ARC Review 7:14:00 PM

Don't you love secrets?

Release Blitz 3:38:00 PM

Depravity. Who will come out strong?

ARC Review 9:52:00 AM

MAGNATE. dun-dun-dun-dun!!

9:36:00 AM

Despair. Will you be able to survive it?

ARC Review 5:04:00 PM

Think how beautiful love can be

ARC Review 12:19:00 PM

Love in the Light is HERE!!

Release Blitz 5:30:00 PM

Even if it takes me fighting for the both of us.

ARC Review 2:53:00 PM

Embark on a new world of adventure.

Book Review 11:27:00 AM

Broken dreams and fairy tales. Will a second chance be enough?

ARC Review 11:22:00 AM

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