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Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling, #1)

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

I have my eye for this series and Author for a while now, reading reviews and such. Still, I haven’t gotten to start this book until now. And I must say, why did it took me so long to start?

I’m always on the lookout of a long series that I want to start reading and explore but starting into one, I am always hesitant. If it’s a new a series, I’m hesitant because the books are so few. With the longer ones, I’m hesitant as to the fact it may be of the same concept of what I have already read.

I always want something new, something I know nothing about. Something that could challenge my mind into thinking, into exploring new facts, or fiction as the case maybe. And well, I’ve found it in this book. It’s something that makes me think all throughout while reading, and yet nothing that distracts me to the whole story.

It’s a realm of reality far from what I have read, and yet there’s complexity in it that makes me wonder and probe deeper, wanting to read more and immersed myself into.

This story about a Psy and a changeling is something that attracts that something in me that satisfies my paranormal fix. The characters both displays intelligence and complexity. Too similar and too different in each own ways. Lucas Hunter has that protective nature not too overly exaggerated and a hint of violence just enough to make him a BBF material. Sascha has that inner strength of heroine that would be categorized as badass but she’s so classy and elegant it’s the only way I can describe her.

The mystery element of the story was just enough to intrigue me and not frustrate me in any sense as having too easy to be solved the truth might smacked you in the head or too difficult I can’t figure out who might be who.

All in all, this was a perfect series I was looking for and the elements just fit perfectly. Let’s see what the other installments might have in store for me.

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