It was the kiss, wasn't it?

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Money Shot by Scott Hildreth

ARC Review:
Money Shot by Scott Hildreth

“The unexpected result of the natural development of life.”

You know that gut feeling you get when you’ve stumbled upon a book and you know, this is going to be a beautiful story? Well, this is it. That gut feeling, and proving that what I felt is right.

I was enamored from the very start that I’ve started reading this book. I feel hard and fast with Sienna, considering she is a reader and a reviewer. I actually remembered Georgina (Kincaid, Succubus Series) of how I’ve love her from the start. But with Sienna, it was different. Her drunken ass on a Sunday night and witty remarks and reviews. I just love her.

“I think the world is so full of people that have lost hope in conventional love – all because no one is willing to give it unconditionally anymore – that read to be shocked, thrilled, or disgusted.”

My love for Vince was like the pacing of the book, slow and steady. You know, the way something builds up and builds up and you’re afraid that it would disappoint you in the end? But, Vince didn’t disappoint. Anything that comes out from his mouth makes you just want to fall in love with him. A romantic at heart, considering how his life has been.

I think what I love most about this book is that the ability the Author conveys of how it is so realistic. The thoughts, actions, of how someone would reacts to that situation. It was witty, humorous at times, and sometimes makes your heart swell. I’ve tried so many times to chastise Sienna, but delving into her character makes me understand how she holds on to that hope.

I’ve also seen the character development, the growth in them, and the difference from how they started. I think with all my love for it, the only thing that ticked me off was the dates. They were, as a matter of fact very important, and it was what made Vince more. But, the problem is within me. Since there are dates, and I’m not really good with keeping track with, I sometimes have to pause, and count the days or how long has it been and rechecked with the pages. It stops the continuity and flow, my mojo man.

“I’ll have a plate of devotion, a side order of commitment, and a thick slice of I promise not to break your heart. Be sure to make it untoasted and hold the butter, so I don’t choke on it. Oh, and a shot of your best bourbon to wash it all down with.”

I smiled when I started this book, and thoroughout the in between. And the ending? It made my heart smile. This is a book I’d mostly recommend. Very different from other MC Books you might have read. And to make a jaded soul believe in love, dream about love and wish about love, then definitely, that jaded soul have just read a very romantic and beautiful love story.

“It was the kiss that stops time, causing your entire body to tingle during the process; the kiss that sets the standard for every other kiss that might follow it.”

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