Broken dreams and fairy tales. Will a second chance be enough?

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Forsaking Gray (The Colloway Brothers, #1) ARC Review: Forsaking Gray
by K.L. Kreig

If you’re looking for an ugly cry book, seriously, this one is for you!

What she doesn’t understand though is that she snared my soul the second she stared into my eyes.

I’m actually torn how on to say things, because honestly, after that beautiful ending, I’m not sure what to read next. I’m experiencing book-hang-over and it’s a good one. Usually its gut-wrenching pain I can’t get over but how do you explain a gut-wrenching pain that’s good?

I know right? It’s that hard. All I can is that this is one beautiful love story of a broken dreams and fairytales and a second chance.

Livia Kingsley is a broken soul who had her dreams and her fairytale of a love story ripped away from her to descend a hell no one should ever experience. Usually I’d say I wanted to experience what she did but the flashbacks were good enough for me. More than enough. Because I still can’t get my mind to get over it, or for my heart to forget the pain. It was hellish, it was monstrous and I’m glad the Author only did the flashback thing.

Gray Colloway is a possessive controlling bastard. He was broken and lost, living in bleak colors and just going through the motions. He was just a victim as Livia as and I admire him for all the over flowing love that emanates from him. But I can’t fault him for all that he felt, for all that actions he had made. Who could fault a man who felt betrayed by the only person that made him breath life?

I’ve already said it’s a beautiful story and I can’t say more than that. I don’t know where Gray ends and Livia begun because their love was an all-consuming love that made them whole and made them survive the hell they’ve have.

My only regret is not loving Grant more. I wanted, I hope, and I wish that I’ll be reading his story soon. I wish for his happy-ending. And I’m sorry for what he had to endure, but more than that, I respect what he had done for the person he loved. And no, seriously, this isn’t a love triangle. There was nothing like that.

This is a must read.

“Tell me you love me.”
“So much I ache with it.”

Note: I’ve read Undeniably Asher before this one.
Stand-alone books in the series:
Forsaking Gray (The Colloway Brothers, #1) by K.L. Kreig Undeniably Asher (The Colloway Brothers, #2) by K.L. Kreig

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