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Prince Albert by Sabrina Paige

Book Review: Prince Albert by Sabrina Paige

I’ve read quite a few of some step-brother romance and to be honest, not much has made an impression on me. This story about a Drunken disheveled Cinderella and her Not-so-Charming-Prince was something unexpectedly I like and enjoyed reading. The Author actually warned her readers about it maybe being over-the-top considering she created a monarchy country called Protrovia – I hate the name ‘cause it’s a mouthful and I pronounce it something else – and put it dub smacked in Europe. And more sex than any other of her books.

Oh puleeease. I love this kind of warnings because you know, it’s kind of like an encouragement to me. And well, I know what to expect. But I didn’t expect it to be quite fun and entertaining that I’ve truly loved reading it.

Prince Albert has a Prince Albert. What do you know! It’s a major plus. Hello princey, I like that little tidbit. And Belle is Miss Goody Two Shoes. Uptight, maybe a stick up her ass, but she has a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul despite all that.

The whole pushing limits and exploring sexuality was what I like most. And well, I enjoyed the humor. I cracked up on some lines and hurt on others.

I would’ve gotten to read this book if not for my Secret Santa, so thank you for picking it to me whoever you are. This was one great enjoyable read.

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