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ARC Review: Ex-Con by Scott Hildreth

Rating: 4.5★

I don’t even know how to begin explaining what I feel after reading this book. This year have started off with book after book of leaving me raw and exposed, and it left me thinking if I have any more to give.

Ex-Con is a great read, not for the reason that it was a beautiful story because it was, but because of something else. Something I don’t know how to define, something intangible that actually left you with marks. And I mean it in a good way.

If you’re looking for some angst-filled MC book, or gritty sex, then this book is not for you since you will just be disappointed. But, before you read, leave any expectations behind as well as preconceptions about motorcycle clubs or any one percenters you’ve ever read.

I actually had a hard time connecting with Emily. She is submissive to the bone, wanting to please someone she love and doing what she feels or thinks that will made them happy. She’s not fiery nor has a wild streak. But despite that, she’s very loyal and protective to those she love and care about.

Jackson is one alpha dominant man who doesn’t like to repeat himself and demands respect and give respect to those who earned it in all aspects of his life as well as his ways. He doesn’t lie nor he break his promises. He is intense and loyal to the core to those he considered as family.

As usual, the Author had a slow build up with the characters as well as their lives and the people around them and I actually appreciate it since the more I read, the more I become invested with what I’m reading. But, I can’t just forget the fact that the start of the book was a struggle for me. I know I’ve said I had hard time connecting with Emily and it’s in the first 40% of the book that I had a hard time. But the problem is with me because of Emily’s very submissive nature that I actually struggled and not with the pacing of the book.

As anticipated, Scott delivered what he intended to do. Ex-Con was a good time, and a great read and it was at those moment starting at the 45% mark that it became so intense that I can’t even hold back and I’m left with just continuing to read the rest of the story without stopping until I reach the end. I’m actually thankful of the slow pacing and the start of the story. As much as I had a hard time with Emily, it made me understand how she reacted and how she lived her life the way she had. And just like the pacing of the book, it was a slow process, but I’ve loved her eventually.

It was hard, the emotions raw and although I’ve already read some of the scenes in other installments of the series, I’ve understand how the scenes were supposed to be intense then and how it became moving for me now. Every actions and every act, it was laced with deep emotions of loyalty and trust, of brotherhood. It just made me love the Selected Sinners more.

What I love is the character development. Looking back, and with the slow pacing, I’ve seen how the characters matured and every one of them actually left a mark with me. Like something I could look forward to and long and hope. I’m still hang over with how the story ended that every time I think about it, it clogged up my throat and think how beautiful love can be.

Mr. Scott Hildredth writes a life of a Motorcycle Club in realistically manner with characters that leave a mark with you and somehow you wished they could be a part of a life you have.

If you’re looking for a book that has slow pacing, intense characters, and a love that is loyal and faithful beyond the difficult circumstances, then this book is definitely for you.

P.S. It took me long to write a review because I actually thought I’ve highlighted quotes and scenes and eventually found out I have not. I decided not to go back and re-read as the emotions it invoke in me is still raw and still affects me to the core.

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