Depravity. Who will come out strong?

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28605375ARC Review: Magnate by Celia Aaron
(Acquisition Series Book 2)

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“I was weak. You made me weak. From the first moment I saw you, you were a fucking poison.”

Magnate started two weeks after Stella made a decision to choose Lucius, where Counsellor left off. And seriously, I was already in despair reading all that. I understand where Stella stands, the betrayal she felt, the desolation, the hot and cold treatment with Sin and above all, the want to survive.

Sinclair Vinemont. I hate and love him at the same time. The small amount of tenderness and compassion he shows, the warmth. It’s like I wanted them, catch them away before the go away. But they were like a figment of imagination, one moment there, the next second it was gone. Still there’s something about a man being possessive and the ‘mine’ thing that gets to me.
“I need you to come back to me.”

Stella Rousseau. She is trying to be vindictive but the piece of hope sometimes slips in and breaks away the wall she is trying to build and destroys her heart into broken pieces. But I admire Stella for being brave, showing compassion, and the strength she have within.

Although the build up to the Christmas trial was too long for my liking, because the anticipation is killing me, and damn if my heart wasn’t beating too fast for my liking, all I’ve seen of it and felt for it was depravity. It makes me want to be hateful of that higher echelon society and all that’s a part of it. With all of them rotten to the core.

There was a reason I didn’t like Dylan in the first place. Like in the first book. And why I hated Stella’s naïveté. Damn. I hate it when I’m proven I’m right.

I somehow kind of hated that I didn’t know the seven rules and why Sin is so adamant to take a great matter of importance to the tradition. Or why he was so closed off and seems desperate to just take the burden of running in the Acquisition. I wish I knew because the suspense is killing me.

But, as they always say, curiosity killed the cat. My heart was left broken into a million pieces.

Is it Sovereign’s release day yet?

P.S. So totally out of topic, or not but my curiosity got the best of me. I was really interested about the story Alex had to share. What happened to the pierced dick? And will Dimitri have and Juliet have some side story of their own?
I was panting, caught up in a man who was no better than the devil I’d given my heart to.

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Counsellor (Acquisition, #1) by Celia Aaron Magnate (Acquisition, #2) by Celia Aaron Sovereign (Acquisition, #3) by Celia Aaron

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