Yes Mistress is in order.

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ARC Review: Three Dirty Secrets by Nikki Sloane

“I’d sit for tattoos until there was no more space left on my body if that’s the only way to get to be with you.”

First, I may have gone overboard with this one. Because hot damn, this one was a scorching read and so many actions. I don’t know how to express my thoughts so let me take a moment.

He was a beast in human form. Intimidating, and maybe a little enticing.

Enormous. And pierced.

Silas and Regan. I don’t know where one begins and the other ends. The sexual tension is palpable. The dominance, soaring. The scenes? Oh my gosh, please excuse me a moment.

The need for connection on a higher level than just a physical one lurked in the shadows of my damaged heart.

Just tell me you love me for tonight. Tomorrow we can go back to however you want it to be.

All the elements I’m looking for a great read is here. An alpha male, a dominant female. Some kinky shit, badass element, and most of all, discovering sexuality and owning it. The blindfold club was such an enticing club that you get to explore all your sensualities and forget about inhibitions. More than that, there was never too much or too little of every aspect of Regan’s life.

My focus was only on the sexy visual of him fucking his hand. The way his muscles moved, the piercing gleamed, and his long, artistic fingers gripped his hard cock, filled me with nervous energy.

“What was that?” he asked. “I can’t understand you with a mouth full of my dick.”

Of course, other than the sensual and sexual acts, there’s passion. Silas’ passion for his work, Regan’s dedication to get the job done.

“Awesome. I’ve been waiting all day to say this, Regan. Take off your clothes.”

Except that I’m going to feel your dick inside me for days.

Now, I think you may have guess why I said I’ve gone overboard. But my brain is still scattered somewhere, or I left it somewhere, but really, this is one read I can recommend. If you’re looking for some suspense, hot alpha with pierced dick and you like your heroine dominant Yes, Mistress is in order.

If I had to describe the type of guy I thought could tame me, I’d describe a man much like Silas.

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