Despair. Will you be able to survive it?

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Counsellor by Celia Aaron
(Acquisition Series Book 1)

It was always hard to me to read a series not because they’re long since I really don’t care but for the reason that I don’t have time to digest what I just read and I’m just too anxious to read the next in the series especially with fucking cliffhangers. It’s like a big taunt in my face that says fuck you! and I’m just like damn it all to hell.

Sinclair Vinemont. The devil himself. Not an ounce of pity, hates waiting, cold and sadistic. But there was something in him, that mystery, that draws me to his character and makes me want to discover what makes him tick, what thoughts are on his mind, or what fucked up he had cooked up to manipulate the people around him to get what he want.

Stella Rousseau. Fiery. Determined to live and to survive. A fighter, although she wasn’t always like that. What appealed me to her was her strength. The will she tries to hold on to to still be sane despite all that she had endured and faced.

The pacing of the book was slow and steady and hot. Like scorching hot. The theme for me is centered on Vinemont’s evil, but what got to me was despair. Of something that have already been set on motion and you have no choice other than to just get on it with it because otherwise, you will be left desolate.

I love the mystery that surrounds the whole estate including the characters. It’s like piquing at my curiosity to misbehave and discover what secrets they are trying to hide. I don’t like Luscious at all. He comes off as second best to Sinclair and he seems like an imitation for me. Teddy was like a ray of sunshine through the story, the light through all that darkness. All in all, I like how the supporting characters makes the story beautiful.

The Author delivered well. I feel like I was Stella falling in love with Sinclair and hating him through it all. To feel her emotions deep and to be affected by the small snippets of Sinclair’s POV. To be distrustful of other characters of their intentions and to hope that somehow there’s something out there that will get her out of the situation she just put herself into.

The story was definitely dark and twisted and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to read this book. Seriously, sorry not much more to say because I’m actually in-deep reading Magnate.

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