Hard and gritty

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Bad Boy Revelation by Sloane Howell

I have actually started reading this novella awhile back and then decided to stop. I know, I know. I’m not prude, it wasn’t the debauchery nor the evil of what is written in here, nor the scorching hot scenes, nor being it a taboo. It was gritty, it was dirty, it was hot, it was rough, it was hard. It was an amazingly hot sex.

I stopped because it was personal. It was just the names, I’m so lame. But I can’t really imagine the name of my ex and the name of my girl friend be in the same book. Imagining it is so wrong on so many levels. But its not the reason why I rated this book 3★ because hello, I could just bash my own head for doing that.

As I’ve already mentioned, the book is amazingly hot. Sloane Howell delivered to what he promised. A hot read. Very different from his works. I’ve actually read Joel next, and yes, I have something in comparison.

But what fell off for me was the love element of the story. I didn’t feel it. Insta-lust with supernova effects, yes. I felt the sexual tension. I felt bothered by it. But, the love, I felt I was rushed. It was distracting for my part because it made me over analyze everything, every word and action, and well, that’s just not good for me.

Although if you’re looking for a quickie, I mean a quick hot read, some gritty sex and a very dominant alpha, some taboo element, you can definitely grab this read.

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