[ARC Review: The Bad Boy Wants Me by Georgia Le Carre and Laura Jack]

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“All girls dream of finding their prince.”

This story is like those of our favorite fairy tales. Boy meets girl. Girl doesn’t like boy. Boy falls in love with girl, chases girl. And then girl falling in love with the boy, too. Except the boy was a superstar and is a god and girl is a fan who was secretly obsessed with boy. And oh, the girl has secrets, and so the complications begins.

What endears me to this story is that I felt it was a typical fairytale story of going for your prince, the one you want all your life except that this was supposed to be falling out of love for the prince. It was light, with a bit of romance and humor. And sex, lots of sex and earth shattering orgasms behind closed doors that was supposed to be a secret or so they thought.

“Ain’t nothing sweeter than a fully swollen pussy after a good pounding.”

I guess I expected another dark, or something that pushes on boundaries and limits. So this came out as a surprise for me. A beautiful surprise for that matter.

What I love about this book was that I see how the characters grow, their complexity, the growth of their outlook and perspective and the way they see things and life. It’s like it could be a love story that seems to be more of a fantasy, or a love story actually happening in the lives of the people we adore so much that we obsess with them.

What I love about the author writing this book is that I felt I am always captivated by her words, her works and that the way she writes is something unique I can’t quite describe. It always left me grasping for words every time I finish a book from her but always left me wanting for more.

This book made my heart aflutter, made me smile, made me dream and made me fall in love. If you’re looking for a light read, and the crazies we do as fans, lol, then this book is definitely worth checking out!

“In my world you get addicted to drink, drugs and pussies.”

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