[ARC Review: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre]

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⚾ Moonshot.(ˈmuːnˌʃɒt) N

They say the term comes from Wally Moon, a player from the fifties, who hit bombers that the local press dubbed ‘moonshots’.

“-if anyone did, it would be disastrous. Together, we would only bring chaos.”

From the bookcover to the blurb, this book has gripped me and made me excited. And we are talking about an Alessandra Torre book! Anything can happen.

“That was a wildfire, burning hot and mad and out of control, eating everything in sight.”

Suspense. Romance. Baseball.

I ranked it how it gripped me. I'm not a fan of baseball and I don't understand much of it. So I dive in without expecting anything and just get on with the flow. What did I get?

Heart gripping scenes and a rush of so much adrenaline. The suspense made me giddy with excitement and kept a continuing flood of adrenaline making me like a junkie until I could sit and read and get lost in the pages.

Halfway through the book, I felt like I was in a bullet train going on a fast speed and encountered a crash because I was so thrown so far away it was so unexpected. And it was kind of good unexpected. I like it.

“I broke under his hands. I might’ve cried. I definitely swore. In those moments, his eyes on mine, his touch pushing inside, I climbed into heaven and fell back down a different woman.”

I felt like the game was in a different perspective and that something I actually enjoyed. The forbidden love was something I know people would cringe about but I think it was something that added to the impossible.

I know most totally get on with this because of Chase but I was Ty through and through. Teenager. Life. Becoming a woman. Being human. She embodied it all.

“Men had been killed over kisses like that. Careers had been lost. Hearts had been stolen.”

It was hard organizing my thoughts after reading this book. But the art was just great, it was just I was so excited I think I've just poured all of my energy there.

This was another Alessandra Torre masterpiece that I so loved and enjoyed and I can't wait for another. A definite must read.

“Certain loves can’t be fought.”

⚾ ⚾ ⚾ Moonshot (F)Buddy-read! ⚾ ⚾ ⚾

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/MSNook1

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