[Book Review: Erotic Road Trip Adventures by O.M. Wills]

6:05:00 PM

Erotic Road Trip Adventures is as what the title suggest and then some. Erotic. Adventure. Sexuality.

My read was actually hot and eye opening at the same time. It was hard for me to organize my thoughts though because I have a hard time what I really wanted to say. I know my thoughts well while reading and after it, but I guess it got muddled or something.

Anyway, this is only book 1 and there’s more to come. Yum, I think. This is about two couple who are a complete contrast of each other but are heading towards the same thing. The first couple wanted to explore their sexuality, had their own kinks, but are closed mind because of some past that happened to them. They aren’t just wary, they’re confidence deflated and thus the reason they are just content of what they have even if they could be so much more.

The other couple, however, are those kind of people that knows what they want and go for it. They are confident with themselves and their sexuality and are just open about anything. They see something in the other couple and thinks that they could nudge them in the right direction.

And so the road trip begins.

I know this would be long, but I hope it wouldn’t up being like a novel. Anyway, there’s actually also something underlying of what I think there is of the novel. I think it’s about what we want and that sometimes we really want to do something to make it happen but we are held back by what society thinks, or what other people think, or more importantly, what we would think of ourselves. Our greatest enemy being ourselves that holds us to do something so daring and adventurous, to act upon our desires without any care about the consequences that left us feeling unsatisfied.

I’ve also had a long thought. I think I was laughing at myself while reading, because I was like the other couple sometimes. I look at people and then I try to imagine how they are in bed, how they have sex, what are their kinks or if they are those that are plain vanilla. I know, I know. It’s not judgment placed on others or anything. It’s what I learned about in the book. It’s like you’re searching or looking for a person or people and wanting them to be like you. To be your perfect match, or just to be the one you’re looking for to share your thoughts, and passion and desire.

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