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Shh… [Smut, heroes & HEAs…] is hosting IndieSTAR chat with:



DATE: Sunday, December 6 – Saturday, December 12, 2015!

START: LIVE chat will open at 12 AM ET (U.S. Eastern)
*** To convert to your time zone use this converter:

★ For a chance to win, visit IndieSTAR chat December RSVP Giveaway!
★ Help us promote
, using ready-to-post text & links: IndieSTAR chat DECEMBER PROMO doc! (ready-to-post text for all social media)
★ Take a moment to RSVP to IndieSTAR chat for DECEMBER!
★ Please vote on the Shh… IndieSTAR chat & SPOTlight on Listopia list!

★ Authors will be here to chat with us candidly about their writings; plots and characters; both current and upcoming.

★ This is a great time to read a book by one of the authors and chat with us about it here!

★ Please start (TAG) any author questions with “ZEBRA Question:” If the question is for a specific author, and not all of the group, then please be sure to state the author’s name.
***WHY TAG? This is to help Shh… Art & Logistic team KEEP track >>> of the questions posted in authors’ absence (done by searching chat for TAG word). Four authors through seven days of chatting can get confusing so this is important to tag. The TAG word is chosen because it is less likely to be used in chatting.

★ The Q&A for each author will be re-posted throughout the week. 

★ Authors will use AUTHOR BROADCAST GIFS:

★ If your question pertains to plotline, please insert spoiler tags. Here is how:
The way to post a spoiler, type exactly as below, but REMOVE all spaces:
< s p o i l e r >Type your comment here followed by< / s p o i l e r >

How to insert a book thumbnail link into your comment:
Look for “add book/author” link in upper right of comment box. Be sure to opt for “cover” as opposed to “link” in bottom of add box (5th red circle):

★ Since this is a public group, the same rules apply as anywhere else on GR feeds;
Language: Quotes are welcome. Explicit language is permitted as long as you do not role play a sexual act.
Images/GIFs: no nudity nor explicit nor links to anything explicit.

★ Though nude images are not permitted on GR, published book covers are. Find out when, why and how we use the following book covers:

Shh… BYELAW: Any off-TopPick COCK comments are welcome at any time regardless of weekly TopPick set forth! Comment must be preceded by this book cover.
(search book title “little big penis”)

As a way of marking arrival and departure Shh… members have started using this book cover as a way of saying hello and goodbye.
(search book title “opening the door”)

Much thanks to the popularity of the Shh… TopPick of the week, there are many members who keep a browser window open all day. We call it Shhlurking (Shh + lurking). To symbolize when you are Shhlurking, feel free to post this book cover.
(search book title “voyeur leigh”)

When a Shh… member submits an idea, posts an image, makes a comment that you feel is right on TopPick you can deem it GOLDEN COCK worthy and reward it with a GOLDEN COCK!
(search book title “absolute penis”)

The mood on Shh… and our weekly TopPicks is cheerful and we often find ourselves in a celebratory mode. And we do like our COCK-TAILS. When making a toast be sure to include this book cover.
(search book title “cock tales”)

And to off-set our cock obsession we also take the time to celebrate fine asses. Post this book cover in any ASS appropriate situations.
(search book title “low road”)

★ Just a friendly reminder that this is an author FAN group. We ask that you be courteous and respectful to everyone present including Author. Any hateful or inappropriate comments will be removed and member blocked from group.


To be kept in the loop of current & upcoming author events on Shh… be sure to
(Join button under group Avatar)

Shh… Art & Logistics team: warhawke (Art),
C.C. & Mercedes (Logistics) & SueBee.
Shh… Social media team: Myla & Kay.

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