Book Review: Pleasure, Pain or Purpose Book 3: Purpose by Al Daltrey

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I've been excited for so long to read the last book in Al Daltrey's Pleasure, Pain or Purpose series. I also wanted to read it in my own pace as is with my experience with previous installments that I should read it slow and take my time with it.

Continuing Billie's, Jasmin's and Vicky's journey both filled me with dread and excitement. Excitement for Billie because finally, she's on a path that will give her once again purpose and happiness. I'm excited for whatever it is she have with Chad. Chad was the guy who came upon them, the three friends in a bar while they were debating who was the biggest slut among them. He was so sweet and determined and as it was, I was interested to learn more of him from the last book. I was not even halfway through the first chapter and I'm already in love with him! Oh, this man that had captured my heart. Billie will still be Billie. She still has a long road ahead of her but I love her positive vibes already.

I am not sure about Jasmin though. The last book had left me heartbroken for her. But then she decided to walk the long road to Camino de Santiago. I fell in live with Spain when I started reading Tagalog novels because of mostly the characters having Spaniards blood. However, Jasmin's journey left me feeling nostalgic and even more in love with the country and made me feel like I just wanted to leave everything behind and embark on a journey just like she did.

I dreaded reading Vicki's road to healing. It was something that I didn't know how to react to, but that I felt it would be full of pain. But I was proven wrong. I love Vicki's changed outlook in life and in her relationship with Andrew.

As usual, Al had wowed me with this book. I cannot stress enough how this book has affected me and touched me. It made me cry, laugh, fall in love and feel hope. I was even expecting that it would take me a few days to finish this but damn consequences, I wanted to devour everything!

The journey these women went through touched something close to reality. And I loved that. It also showed different facets of life and reality and I think it made me mature in some way. Mushy, I know. But I like that it makes me reflect my life, my decisions, the things that have happened and the cause and effect of each event that have affected me. It's like saying "life is so unfair" but when you see, take notice of the small little things, it actually isn't.

P.S. On a personal note, I'm going through a personal problem in life and the only thing that I've thought of, immediately, was this book. And you know what? I almost laugh when I thought of the cliched "life is so unfair". You see a thing and you never thought you'd go through it but then life throws fuck you's at you, but there are still saving grace and smiles that all I thought of is that everything happens for a reason. I am thankful I've discovered Al Daltrey through #ShhMaleAuthorEvent in Shh... and more more thankful that I've read his book. I hope one day, I'd get my hands on paperbacks of this series and look back and be nostalgic and think, everyday I am stronger. Thank you Al!

Pleasure, Pain or Purpose (must be read in order):

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