[ARC Review: Pleasure, Pain or Purpose Book 2: Pain by Al Daltrey]

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Pain…pain really sucks. Life is fucking hard at times.

I’m doing this fresh with heartaches and tears…

PPP2 is a continuation after the first book left in a heart stopping event where the girls were captured by Los Locos Locos. Their fates left to the hands of this local gang and they’re either be raped, or get killed. I won’t get on with that as I’m poor with telling what happens, and I’d rather get on with what I think of this book.

After the revelations with the girls, I don’t think they can take more but they always come out strong and tight as ever. I always admire their friendship and the events that happened with their capture made me thinks of my friends, and well, who will act who and who will do who. I’m laughing, but kidding aside, the fierce protectiveness they had for each other is something we all do want. And the way they handle the events in their lives, even though they sometimes act petty and childish, they just act being human.

I usually hate narrations in books I read, but surprisingly, Al Daltrey’s style in writing just draws me in and makes me crave more to what will happen to these girls I’ve come to love and enjoyed. This book shouldn’t be read in one sitting but best read in small doses as it will make you reflect upon your life and the realities you’re living. We often go to books to escape reality but when we do read something that is so close to reality, it makes us assess how we live our lives and the actions we had made and the consequences of our decisions.

I just admire the three girls: Billie, Vicky and Jasmin. They are alike most women, some a mix of both, others just similarly like them, and what they experience through the book happens in one way or another. Billie who lost a dear loved one and in the road of healing, Vicky whom life just give a big fuck you and Jasmin who’s a badass but still a woman with her wants and needs. There are lot of lessons to be learned, and reflections about everything: life, relationships, friendship, and random strangers we met along the way.

My last reaction upon reaching the end of the book is an actual ’oh shit’ because of two reasons. One, the girls are having a hard time and I cannot wait of where life would take them, and two, well you know, it makes me think if I want a Diego in my life or a Chad waiting for me. P.S. Gladstone is a douche!

If you’re looking for a meaningful read, then this one is for you. It opens up to discovering someone’s sexuality, pushing boundaries and that life will never be perfect.

Pleasure, Pain or Purpose (must be read in order):
Pleasure (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #1) by Al Daltrey Pain (Pleasure Pain or Purpose, #2) by Al Daltrey

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