[ARC Review: Violet by Abby Gale]

5:45:00 PM

“His eyes weren’t an escape. His gaze was a prison. Domineering, determined, lustful and possessive.”

I am always cautious whenever the heroine is a dancer because I wanted to feel the passion, the feeling of being in love with the song and the emotions it stir within a person. Pole dancing on the other hand is on a different class. It is making love with the pole and being able to channel the passion through one's body.

I was just starting a few pages and the book got me already. Like I felt I was the one dancing, letting the song take me away and feeling liked I'm drugged in ecstasy. As mostly with my reads, I go in blind without reading the blurb and the only thing I know is that Violet is going to be a strip pole dancer.

It was a roller coaster ride of emotions, to be honest. The prologue made me high and pumped with adrenaline and then the succeeding chapters were like a slow cool down building to something intriguing, something that needed to be exposed. Mystery, intrigue, suspense, romance, and bout of well, my favorite. *wink*

I always love when there's a contrast with characters and how an author can make it work that each one would just complement the others. No beginning, no end. Just that there's three of them trying to work out a relationship.

Abby Gale, you did give me a wild ride. I cannot wait for more of what's to come!

“Since the first second I’ve laid eyes on you, you are mine.”

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