ARC Review: Lost in Between (Finding Me #1) by KL Kreig

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“He looks like sex and candy. And sex. Forget the candy. He looks exactly like sex.”

This book has got me all excited because hot damn, it's one of the most beautiful and sexy cover I've seen. And let's be honest, I am a self-confessed #bookwhore as its everything for me. And this is by K.L. Kreig so, there's that. And no, I don't know what I'm getting into until I've started reading.

“Everyone has a price, Summer. What's yours?”

Willow Blackwell (a.k.a. Summer) is a woman lost, living in adrift because of her past. She's an audiobook narrator by day, her drama talents have to be used somewhere, (and hot damn to the scenes that were included that made my heart raced so fast and made me feel so nostalgic, a good surprise there!), and a job on the side that supports her mother, who has an Alzheimer's, financially as well as the upkeep of a home full of happy and bitter memories.

Shaw Mercer is thrust into a situation he didn't want to but for the sake of his family and the good image that will hide the "dirty things" that could ruin his father's upcoming re-election, he needs to find a steady girlfriend and maintain a relationship.

          “Gorgeous? Check.
          Commanding? Check.
          Larger than life? Double check.
          Possesses mind-altering sex appeal? God, if I could fit a dozen checks in this box, I would.”

“He's not the right one. He's using me. I'm using him.”

The pretend "girlfriend-boyfriend" thingy is something I have read and watched a lot of times. But this one was somehow different in the approach of how the main characters met and how they eventually have fallen into a business transaction. The lines that were set were clear but on how they became blurry doesn't feel forced. The flow of the story was slow and steady.

What I love about this one is that there was a slow build of the sexual tension in the air until it is so palpable and consuming that even if while reading, you are able to feel it in the air. I also love the wit and the banter and the all-consuming lust that makes this book so hot.

Proceed at your own risk. Spoiler ahead. This book has a love triangle theme. And I actually didn't expect for Reid Mergen to show up and make things more complicated. But I fell in love with his character more so than Shaw's. Yes, Shaw is the ultimate alpha but there was just that vulnerability in Reid's character that made me love him that I felt missing in Shaw. Although I can feel Willow's attraction and the unexplainable thing that pulls her toward Shaw, and even with those sweet little moments they had, I couldn't stop myself from questioning how she couldn't give in with Reid and feel confused with raw emotions that swirling through her during their encounters.

It was actually late in the chapters that I realized this will end in a cliffhanger because this was a duet, (duh! so tanga me!) and the unexpected twist of how it suddenly stop was so unfair! Like OMG, where the fuck is the next book? I fucking need it now! The suspense might kill me!

“I physically hurt simply because she's hurting.”

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