Review: Blind Reader Wanted by Georgia Le Carre

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“I wanted to look at a woman who could not see me staring at her.”

Reading this book is just taking up the title literally. But what I didn't expect was that it would be cute and heart-warming. It's something I haven't read before and thinking about it makes me smile.

“The scars suit you. A man living by himself at the edge of a mountain should have such a face.”

To be honest, I'm quite biased when it comes to characters who has a passion for books or working in a library. I always feel a kinship with them and an instant connection that makes me like them instantly without no further questions. And Lara is such a lovely character. Sweet, naïve and full of positive energy and sees the world in a different perspective considering that she was born into darkness and is blind.

Kit came to Durango falls because it was a perfect place to hide. He is a stranger, a mystery to the townsfolk, and someone that is shrouded by something else that couldn't be explained.

When the loneliness got too much for Kit, he had an ad posted on the town.

“Blind Reader Wanted. Twice a week. Only females need apply.”

Georgia Le Carre always makes me fall in love with her characters. Their little quirks and weirdness that makes them unique and endearing. The twist and turns in the story and the flow of the words that is just quite captivating.

I always love how the perceptiveness in her novels and this one didn't fall short from it. I love how Lara views the world and the people around her and her positive energy is so infectious. I love how vibrant she is and even if she's a kind and nice person, there's still some sass in her.

I didn't expect the twist at the end of the story and although it happened too fast that had my head swirling, it was touching and left me in a state of mess with my emotions. Nonetheless, I love how the story ended and how it made me smile.

“When you trust, good things happen.”


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