Review: Something Else by Eve Dangerfield

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“Stripped of all her other roles, the woman in the mirror was primal, powerful, and yeah, beautiful.”

Eve Dangerfield is an author I would say "Hell, yeah!" or more like "Yasssssss!" without knowing what I'm getting myself into. So seriously speaking, this book is like a treat as much as a surprise for me.

Something Else is the sequel to Something Borrowed. So better read that one first before diving into this because, seriously, you wouldn't appreciate nor enjoy this book if you don't.

In here, we see a different Elle. But I love how different she is because her character showed how her relationship with Jackson have made her better. More importantly, it didn't need a lot of character build up even though this is a short read. And Jackson Proveaux, oh la la!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story! We get a glimpse of the events leading to the inevitable marriage and how Jackson proposed! As I said, this book is definitely a treat! It also is refreshing since mostly we read about horrible MIL (mother in law) or future and they are either forgotten, or the sweet ones. But a play by play? *shudders*

To Eve, kudos! Another sexy book and another refreshing read! If you haven't read her, I recommend you should check her out!


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