Review: Fractured Love by Ella James

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“There's only two choices: it's either worth it, or it's not. So I choose blindly. Desperately. I choose Evie. And our love- our fractured, splinted, restored love- is fucking worth it.”

Oh. My. God. I am super in love with this book!

The blurb just held my attention and I was just a goner from there. Both the MCs are going to be neurosurgeons and I assumed their back story would just be that, a back story. But I was blown away!

The book is divided into two parts. And I'm like, this is something new. And so I was intrigued and that feeling of anticipation is building within. The first part gave me a feel that I was reading a YA. I thought it would bore me, or I would hate the immaturity but I was proven wrong. I get to experience a sweet, young innocent love that is idealistic and pure. I felt in love and the feels just tug at my heart.

The second part, the characters have grown and matured into the person they've become. And ohmygad, this is where the time jumps didn't matter. I was prepared for it, and the build up and anticipation from part 1 made it so that the second part transitioned perfectly well and created a whole different kind of conflict. The characters get to mature and grow into the person they become and I feel like I'm their bestfriend for being with them along the journey. And ohemgee, hot!! The perv in me approves! Definitely two thumbs up! hahaha

But aside from the refreshing way this book was written, my love for it doesn't just end there. The second part was mostly spent in the ER, OR and the Donut Room and it felt so nostalgic for me because it reminded me of my fave Korean Dramas and omo omo~~!! Saranghaeyo! It was like I was watching Doctors, Decendants of the Sun, Yong Pal and Doctor Strangers. And my heart just sings with joy and happiness!

I think that this book was written perfectly with equal parts that even if I could research the procedures and I had to search my mind of what little I know of Thoracic Surgery and emergencies, I didn't because it really didn't matter to me. I love Evie and Lyndon and my heart was happy and heartbroken at the same time. It was left fractured but not broken. And I love every second I spent reading this book.

Ella James, thank you!!

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