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ARC Review:
Phoenix by Cecilia London

“But I know you better than anyone else here and that frightens the hell out of you. I know all your secrets, all your fears, all our desires. You’re terrified of letting anyone in, especially me.”

Phoenix started off at The Base. That’s all I have to say. Everything, you have to see for yourself. This installment is a continuation of the epic love story of Jack McIntyre and Caroline Gerard and their fight towards what’s right.

This book is a challenge to me. And I say that because I felt dread and trying to postpone of when I might actually start. I was afraid because I know what I was going into and I’m thankful for the support of from the group to join in the bandwagon and hopefully not to strangle the Author after finishing the book. Seriously, I needed that and after finishing the book, it helped to bear the pain.

“If she could just get closer to him, just one inch, one centimeter, one millimeter closer…”

One highlight of this book for me is that finally, finally there is Jack’s POV. But Cecilia London, EVIL AUTHOR that she is, left me with a big wound after reading Sojourn. I was hoping the reprieve between reading the next book would let me heal that wound. But what did Cecilia do? She ripped off the band aid, flayed open my wound and stab me again and pour salt in it. That’s the best way I can describe my pain.

“I never knew it could hurt so much to love another person.”

It was hard for me to hate Caroline at some point. I have a girl crush with her, of how she’s so brave and idealistic and strong that her actions towards Jack were making me feel animosity towards her. But considering the trauma she’s been through, I can’t imagine how she’d manage to maintain her sanity.

Jack and Caroline may seem so perfect, their personality and their relationship. But these characters have their own flaws and it made them so human. So real. Their fears, their internal struggles with their emotions, and their interpersonal relationships with other people.

What I love about this book is how it touched me. With my beliefs and views, and how I feel that this book just made me a better person with my ideals and opinions. I think, more than that, it just made me realize about my own actions and relationships with other people, as well as to be grateful of whatever I have or everything at the moment.

“It’s funny how life can change in an instant.”

This is a definite must read book. I hope I don’t end up shoving this book in everyone’s face so that they will be able to read something so beautiful and something so profound. As far as I can remember, this is the only book I cursed in my native tongue after finishing the read. This is how intense this book is in a good way. I feel like I wanted to fast forward the days to read the next installment, as well as slow the days so that I still have time to prepare emotionally, mentally and physically.

To Cecilia London, kudos! Thank you for creating this beautiful masterpiece!

“I want to be with you. In the same space. Breathing the same air. Feeling connected to you.”

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