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ARC Review:Sovereign by Celia Aaron(Acquisition Series Book 3)

“She was mine. I couldn’t give her up. I needed her raw and wild, rough and passionate.”

Sovereign, is the conclusion to the Acquisition Series. To be honest, this is one of the much awaited books that I wanted to get my hands on. And I would rather get to the point why this book was worth waiting for, and why this is a must read series.

Counsellor , the first installment of the Acquisition Series for me was about despair. Magnate was about depravity. Sovereign however, I have mixed feelings for this book. I really don’t know how to explain the feels I have for this book as I was so consumed with everything. It was just so beautiful it made my day, that I have a smile all throughout reading the epilogue and gave me good vibes. That, for a dark book, is a rarity for me.

“You are mine to protect, to cherish, and to love.”

My feelings for Sinclair Vinemont is the same as always. Like how he is, that unhealthy obsession that he had, a love and hate relationship that for me is so intense I wanted to chain him to me.

Stella’s character development just flourished beautifully. She’s intelligent with a heart for violence and beauty.

This was a beautiful conclusion to the book and I cannot be more grateful to be able to read this beauty. To Celia Aaron, well done! Just, well done!

Of course, I have to include that song that just stuck in my head. Not the song per se, but the lines.

♬♪ How about a round of applause
A standing ovation♩♬

“There’s an ache where there used to be nothing.”

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Books in the series (must be read in order):
Counsellor (Acquisition, #1) by Celia Aaron Magnate (Acquisition, #2) by Celia Aaron Sovereign (Acquisition, #3) by Celia Aaron

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