[ARC Review: Tempting Eden by Celia Aaron]

6:44:00 PM

I usually don’t know what I’m reading until I started down on the words and got so engrossed on the pages. But this book somehow, I have to know. The title was intriguing enough and those blue eyes looking at me just makes me want to stare right back at him. Those eyes, so hot. They got to me.

I’m actually more familiar of a dark skinned man and a fair-skinned woman’s story rather than the opposite. What fascinates me most is the contrasting color when the skin is together. Dark brown against creamy white skin and makes me think of my most favorite duo ever.

Jack England is an enigma. Cool façade with a hint of something underneath. Mysterious, intense and dangerous.

Eden Rochester is his exact opposite. Short-tempered and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s also stubborn but admirable, driven to provide what she thinks is best for her family.

I love how the author was able to somehow touch the different points of issues in society, relationships and life. It was quite refreshing on so many fronts that I can’t get enough of. The epilogue felt short for me though because I expected to see how Eden’s relationship with her mother changed as well as the dynamics considering Maria is now in the picture. I also like how the author gave emphasis on details especially on the construction and the preparations they did before the party but what felt short was that the preparation was so detailed and I enjoyed the rush but that I didn’t get to feel the rush for the party itself. Most of all, I love that this book showed that no matter how hard you’ve been through or how low you’ve found yourself in, you still get a second shot at life.

Definitely something worth recommending.

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