Book Review: The Muse by Raine Miller

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“ Irish name. Can she be real? I’ve been run through with a broadsword, it feels like. If I am I want to awaken?”

This has been on my kindle forever and I’ve been meaning to read it, too but the one thing I love about historical is also the same thing I dreaded about reading one. I love that the journey would span for years and that I am immersed in their life but then they are long and sometimes I just want a good book that I can finish in a fortnight.

“There was pain in my heart when I first saw you. But instead of it killing me, I was awakened.”

Imogene is a gentle soul who have been through too much hurt and loss but still is able to give love and light to those around her. Graham is darkness to Imogen’s light. Well, not really. But he is intense and held secrets that could destroy not just him, but also her. Still, I adore and love Graham because of the love and his worship for Imogene.

The connection was instant, the need primal, and the passion was something only a good historical can portray. I think one thing that I found sweet most of all was Graham protecting Imogen’s moral. That no matter how much he need her, no matter how much he desire her, he waited ‘til he got her in marriage before unleashing his animalistic and insatiable lust for her.

“Imogene Byron-Cole was meant for him. He was lost. So lost, already. And all he could think about—dream of—all he could see…was her.”

The plot and storyline is complex and span in a couple years. There are many struggles through their courtship and life of marriage threating their commitment with each other and the love they shared. But it’s not all about sadness and trials as there are light-hearted and humorous moments as well as innocent flirting and good friends along the way.

“Graham craved her, couldn’t live without her, didn’t want to imagine it, and he would not.”

This was a great book that left me with no thoughts for a while. It made me smile and laugh and feel hurt and cried my eyes out. Although reading this book required some in between for me, I needed to breathe because this was long but it was so much worth reading in the end.

“The muse of beauty lived within her, and it always would for him.”

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