ARC Review: Well Hung by Lauren Blakely

5:35:00 PM

“I want to feel all the joy and exhilaration with you. The ups and downs. Because loving you is some kind of a wild ride, and I don’t want it to stop.”

I usually shy away from office love affair story or the typical boss-employee relationship because it is just so clichés and sometimes so predictable that it doesn’t interest me. Also, the story about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas or some other things like that. But because I’m a coverwhore, I am inlove with this cover! Well, yeah. I keep looking at it every damn time I open my kindle. Lol

“Fuck, being a good boy is way overrated. I want to be bad with her.”

Wyatt is good with tools, and well, he has a lot of tools considering his construction business. Though, it’s not only when he hired Natalie that his company had become organized and grown in its potential. He has a strict policy with fraternizing with employees or people in some other way related to his business, but some incident with their Vegas work flashed it all down the toilet.

“How it feels like my entire body is plugged in, like I’m amped up and supercharged, because this is how a first time with someone should be. Absolutely mind-blowing.”

Well, I started this book without any expectations because this is my first Lauren Blakely book. I know! And just from the moment I started, I was hooked until the last page. I actually wanted more because I’m greedy like that.

“When you kiss me like that, it makes me forget to breathe.”

Wyatt and Natalie’s characters is actually one of those that I like. It’s like the one complements the other. The chemistry and attraction is there, subtle and noticeable but not entirely over the top that’s it’s pushed to my faced. And when I enjoy a book, I really don’t noticed other things as long as I am immersed in the pages and the characters and just wanting to know where the story might lead.

This book was over the charts hot, hilarious and I love the characters from the get go. I don’t have really anything to say more rather than I am definitely greedy of more Lauren Blakely books! This was a great win and definitely an amazing cherry popping for me! *wink*

“Is this how it ends?” My voice barely sounds like my own.
Hers is a whisper, too. “You tell me.”

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