ARC Review: Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig

3:15:00 PM

“How can you love someone so much yet hate them with equal passion at the same time?”

I always love a good conflict. You know, wanting someone so much and circumstances that you cannot control holds you away from getting that one thing you want most. It’s how the author will make the story interesting that excites me.

The Black Swan Affair was something that excited me when I read what it was something way before but totally forgotten but been waiting for ages. But then the blurb tells you that the heroine is a bitch and likely the antagonist in this story and that’s all that matters to me. As I said, exciting!

“I always manage and to find fresh and juicy ways to skirt around the edges of acceptable social behavior.”

Maverick is a selfish, a little immature and a destructive woman. But there is something just beneath the surface that others doesn’t see in her and it’s why she seems she doesn’t belong.

Kael is a selfless man and selfish when it comes to Maverick. I adore and love his character. A true romantic.

Killian is a mystery to me. His character is a complete contrast and sometimes confusing for me. Possessive, intense and a jealous man but then have done the things so far out of character of what he feels and shows. My feelings for him is actually conflicting. But I held the highest respect for him.

“I want to bite and suck and own and devour. Whenever I want. However I want.”

This novel is a whirlwind of emotions and secrets, lies and betrayals. Everything isn’t what it appears on the surface and I love the twist and turn. I admit, I was a little bit impatient that I wasn’t reading too fast or that the chain of events aren’t are fast for me as I want them. But that’s just me. Although I didn’t like jumping timelines, it just made my blood giddy and confuse and like Maverick, I wanted to know why Kael married her and why Killian didn’t.

This is another great work for K.L. Kreig! I must admit, while I was reading the gut-wrenching scenes, it made me miss Luke (Luke's Absolution, The Colloway Brothers Series). It was just that, heart-gripping and the emotions it invokes to me, I know she would make me bawl and sob and cry in the end. Yeah, yeah, you made up for the lovey-dovey scenes. And no, they are romantic, not overly cheesy and just right. A deviant from tradition but it was cute that way. You, author you. A definite must read!

“You know you’re with the right person when you can do that. Just be.”

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