Review: The Reaper's Mate by Celia Aaron

6:01:00 PM

“She’s my mate, but she’s fated to die before the night is out.

I know I said I didn’t want to sign up for new books especially if they’re about to get release fast enough that I can have them, but I can’t just pass this one up. Because the hero is a reaper of soul, and angel of death, a Shinigami.

I have read some and been fascinated of them. They work on a different culture and constraints compared to other paranormal beings. Moreover, I am obsessed with Death, not the passing of life per se, but a reaper I’ve been in love with. So this book is so much like a gift for me to appease me of my illusions that he could have a HEA of his own, with me, of course.

In his black robes, he looks almost ethereal, as if Halloween is his night and everyone else is just pretending.

Mathieu and Annabelle’s interaction are both funny and cute and so adorable that this short novella just made it for me. It has all the elements of things I like in my book: fast-paced, action, hot steamy scenes, a little humor and no drama.

That’s when I know I need to get away from him. The eyes, the darkness, the way he feels like a shot of opiates in my veins-no, no, and a big no.

Perfect for some Halloween read or some quickie. I just enjoyed and loved this story so much.

P.S. I love Matt. He made my love and hopes for Death come true. This shorty will hold a special place in my heart. Celia Aaron I love you and thank you so much for this!

P.P.S. If you've noticed, my blog as well as my email address has the stamp of the Angel of Death in it represented by Ryuk in the Death Note, a Shinigami.

“No, I never found the right guy to settle down with, but who needs one when they make all these amazing vibrating toys?”

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