Review: Broken English by Marita Hansen

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“Humans are savages, no worse than animals, preying on the weak and vulnerable for their own gain.”
~ Dante

Just that this book was taboo was all I needed to know to sign up myself for a reading. I really don’t know much anything other than when I started reading the pages and be immersed into a world unknown with a lot of underlying issues and topics. My favorite.

“For once it would be nice if a woman I wanted touched me.”
He looked up at me.
“Like you.”

Dante is an enigma. He is this student that doesn’t give a damn to the people around him but that deep inside, he also does. Sometimes he thinks way beyond his age, and sometimes he’s just like a little boy, vulnerable and breakable.

Clara was prim and proper and all about appearances. There’s just something deep seated within her that wanted to help everyone she thinks needs her help. She’s also kind of meek.

“Then stop eyeballing me like you wanna ride my cock,” I said. “You were doin’ it all through English class.”
“I was not!”
“Liar. You even did it during detention.”

This is a book that isn’t for the fain-hearted. It centers about morality and what is right and wrong. Of what should be done and what must be done. About appearances and society and relationships. It is vulgar and touch on a subject that is immoral and yet something that couldn’t be denied as it happens in reality. It makes you question your ideals of whether you approve of what might be and or destroy a family.

This book has left me without thoughts but a craving of where everything might lead.

“I kept her secret, like I’ll keep yours, no matter how much you both make me feel like a worthless piece of shit.”

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