Book Review: Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck by L.M. Williams

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I know, Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck is so so far away from my usual reads. I mean, seriously. But, this is the only book that made me feel giddy and excited like a kid jumping up and down because she's been given chocolate! I mean, I don't usually go jump up and down when given chocolate or candy but that's what I felt. From the cover reveal to the time it arrived on my kindle.

Okay, first, this is a kid's book. And the very reason I was so in love with this book was that I'm imagining kiddo will look at me like I'm the coolest person in the world because I can finally share a book with him and can read along with him. He also hates learning like the usual kids do because he loves shortcuts and I have that feeling he would learn reading this book first before he ever learn how to read properly.

Anyway, so much for my excitement and all, let's go to the experience I had while reading this book. I was actually in a book slump, haven't been able to read a book in 2 weeks but this was the first book I wanted to read considering there are so much waiting on my kindle. Life and all. Anyway, books that I usually read during the times when I really wouldn't want to read would end up not enjoyable for me but this one is different.

Let me tell you, this book made me emotional. The only thing I want more for this book? Is it to become a movie! I mean, I really don't understand the humor considering my culture although I'm quite familiar with US slang but everytime I know I should laugh? I actually hear kiddo's laugh in my head because it's something he would find so humurous and funny and just makes me wish that this is a movie because double enjoyment! Also, I can just imagine looking at me and expecting me to laugh along with him to indicate that I actually get it like he did even though I don't!

I'd say there is that touch this Author always has when he writes and I can actually feel it, or hear it, or read it, whichever you wanted to take it. This is just not a Christmas book for kids but also for adults because man, I tell you, it makes me want to cuddle and stay in that world and be a kid and enjoy the spirit and love the Christmas brings!

I will be rereading this book together with the #alphababy, probably buy my paperback copy soon, too and ask him what he thinks about it. I'll detail everything from the moment he would see the cover, and I hope I wouldn't have to haunt down this L.M. Williams author just to ask him where to buy the damn truck, because seriously!

Anyway, great Christmas gift! Not just for the kids, but readers of all ages. Ho ho ho! Merry Chirstmas!

P.S. Kiddo is more familiar with US language and humor, probably understands more than I do, than our native tongue because of the stuff he watched on tv.

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