Book Review: Taunt by by Eve Dangerfield

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I pick up this because it is an erotic thriller and the premise that this is an end of the world novel, or not. You be the one to judge.

And that is one thing my mind kind of latch on so I expected technicalities and jargons and terms that would make me excited and giddy and my blood to rush in anticipation. I was thrilled to discover secrets and be frustrated with suspense. But it wasn’t something I expected. It was so much more in a good way, and less in some.

Daniel, she’s a female yes, has some kind of a weird genetic code that makes her emotional reactions to situations and events in her life weird. It’s actually hard to explain except that she’s that super happy person in all situations that you want to kill her just so you could wallow in depression. But that’s what made her intriguing and mysterious in some way. She’s also a genius, has no shame and a very sexual person.

And there’s John who has a third eye. For me, he’s someone in touch with the spirit world in a way that he has premonition of the future. It’s what burdens him somehow as he feels it as a weight he carries and makes him a hard ass, or a bastard, whichever you prefer.

There’s also Seb. Cute Sebastion. Blonde, sweet, innocent and from Tennessee. All American lover boy. He’s just someone you wanted to corrupt. *wink*

And lastly, but not the least, Colt. Silver fox, playful, romantic, and sometimes acts like he’s still a teenager.

This novel seems to have it all. Action, three men that you could choose from because they’re the sort of the perfect boyfriend you wanted and all, secrets to uncover, sexual tension and passion that needed to be burned and that will make you all kinds of hot (*fans self*) and corporate espionage. My kind of thing, actually.

What fell short for me though are the secrets I haven’t been able to uncover and minute details that are unclear to me. I guess I wanted to know how Daniel does things and not just she did those things. I just wanted a little more thrill and action and suspense, and probably because I couldn’t enjoy the fact that Daniel couldn’t feel any physical pain that the blood and torture didn’t make it enjoyable for me. (A little sadistic here!)

Anyhow, I enjoyed reading this book nonetheless. If you ever want to pick and read this up, please prepare your end of the world survival kit and your panties to be soaked! Lol!

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