Review: Mercenary by Michelle Horst

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You only have to say Mercenary, Assassin, Hitman, Killer or anything along that profession as long as it involves killing and you get my full and undivided attention.

It's why this book has gotten my attention in the first place.

But, this fell short in my expectations. I couldn't get a lot of things and some just left a meh feeling for me.

Mason was supposed to be a Mercenary. And I thought he would really be, but he's just a vigilante with a hero complex. He said that working in social services sucked the light out of him and he wanted to avenge those victim. I was also disappointed with how he stalked his last kill, his planning and the way he intended to kill him.

Liv was all sunshine until the accident that stole her life away. And then she was all despair and a ball of negative energy.

I don't know where the insta-love was supposed to be because there was just fear at the start and it actually took long before they had that kind of easy relationship. It was something that grow and bloomed and it wasn't instant in anything.

I didn't feel the connection nor the darkness or I probably alluded myself that this would be dark because of the title and the feel of the cover as well as the blurb, and it all just fell below my expectations that I'm just, I don't know how to feel about it.

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