Review: The Mistakes by Elizabeth Brown

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Ryan Andrews was yum! And I love everything abou Lambo Christie! But Mark Bishop, oh my gad, he makes me want to marry him!

Okay, back up. So this book is a long time coming. It's the third installment in Off-Limits series (each a stand alone) by Elizabeth Brown, and I'm telling you, this is a must read!

Winnie Masters is just hilarious! She doesn't do relationships, only one night stands and a friend and sister I'd like to have. And because of a scare she had concerning with her vajajay, she entered into an agreement with her friend Ainsley to a two-month celibacy.

Mark Bishop is just so dreamy. Okay, maybe at first he isn't really my first choice per se but I love how his character is. He's a lawyer, and he's good with tools. *wiggles eyebrows*

“That's alright. I could handle dicks. Big ones. Small ones.”

This book is an office romance and told in dual POV and is a fast-paced story. Fun banter, a little romance, or a lot in a very subtle-moving way that melt-your-heart-and-panties-kind, a lot of hilarious moments, and light drama along the way. Seriously, I couldn't put it down and I couldn't stop laughing!

Although that may be the case, I always love that Elizabeth has always something on the side that you call reality. I love that it isn't heavy, and the touch on the subject was just subtle but it made the plot not only focus on the office romance but on other aspect of the characters' lives. This may be a journey of Winnie's self reflection but it is also of Mark's finding peace. The character development and their growth is definitely worth noting. Lastly, the epilogue was like a present wrapped up beautifully with a bow.

"You are all I ever wanted. I need you in my life, so please, just tell me what I need to do to fit into yours."

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