Cover Reveal: Infinity by Jo-Anne Joseph

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Cover Reveal ~ Infinity by Jo-Anne Joseph
Cover Reveal: September 1st
Release Day: September 30th


I’d known him my whole life, but I never expected to fall in love with him.
I did. Deeply and irrevocably.
It was both the worst and best decision of my life.
He gave me no choice, but to walk away.
I spent my life since justifying it with being immature.
But I knew it was all a lie
When he re-entered my life by chance I thought fate was playing a cruel joke.
He saved me.
He destroyed me.
But he unknowingly revived me.

Falling in love with her was never in my plan.
I had plans, big ones, but she became my only focus.
I lost her and along with her my willingness to love and be loved.
I swore I’d never again give my heart to anyone.
When we’re thrown together, I know karma is messing with me.
But when I laid my eyes on her again, all I wanted to do was give.
I wanted to give so much more than I had to offer.


Jo-Anne Joseph Bio:

Jo-Anne Joseph writes contemporary romance with a deep love for the seemingly impossible and second chances. Her debut novel Infinity is scheduled to be released at the end of 2017 with more books in the works for 2018. Along with a passion for writing, she has a deep appreciation for the writing of others. Poetry and prose have a special place in her heart which is leading to her compiling two collections that will be published. She has contributed to the book, Our Only Time, Edited by Author Amie Lands.
Jo-Anne regularly writes for the on-line publication Still Standing Magazine and the website Glow in the Woods on a strictly volunteer basis as an advocate for infant and child loss after she lost her daughter in 2013. Her articles have been republished in several newsletters.
Jo-Anne lives in South Africa which provides the inspiration for the settings in her novels, with her best friend and mega hunk husband Brian and their beautiful son Braydon. Besides writing Jo-Anne has worked through the ranks to become a Corporate Governance Specialist.

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