Review: Blood Guard by Megan Erickson

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“My soul wants you.”

Have you ever read a book, loved it and realize it's a series? Omo!

Tendra have been on a run all her life, never taking roots in a place, never belonging somewhere, never making friends except Ruby and her cat, Brex. Until she met Athan. Athan is loyal to a fault, upholds his duty and will do anything for the good of his people, or vampire.

Tendra and Athan's journey to Gregorie's household was like an adventure with meeting friends along the way, with some bumps and detours and attack from the enemy. It was actually quite enjoying and exhilarating as you learn the world, customs and traditions this book has to give.

The only downside for me was the main characters' constant banter. I think for others, they may find it sexy and hot, but I only find it exhausting. Nevertheless, the book is filled with action-packed adventure and some laughs and humor thrown in the way! Of course, some sexy times and twist and turns that makes the reading quite fun and unpredictable!

I enjoy the world the Blood Guard gave me. It is quite different from the vampire series I've read and gave me something I would look forward to exploring. Aside from Athan and Tendra, I am quite curious and interested in Idris.

P.S. This book ain't boring, but kinda love this meme because of Brex. I'm sorry, I just have to, I love Brex!

    And since I love the dedication.

To Kate Beckinsale: Thanks for giving us Selene,
a badass female vampire to look up to.

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