[ARC Review: Everything Stolen by Sophia Scarlet]

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“But it wouldn’t be right to be with someone else when all I’ll ever want is her.”

Everything Stolen is about a man who woke from years long coma thinking that the accident happened only yesterday only to find out that everything have been stolen from him – his fiancé and his future with her, the years that they should have been together. Or it could be about a woman whose life spiraled into chaos because her fiancé just didn’t show up one day, tried to be strong and moved on only to find out that she was never abandoned yet everything seems too late because she is already married to someone else.

Or it could be a lot of possibilities depending on who the character we are talking about. The story’s subject is actually a bit very sensitive and that anything could happen, too many factors are at play, and there’s the element of suspense and mystery and what really happened on that faithful day when Jeremy was supposed to meet Sylvie but didn’t show up and how he ended up being in a coma in a hospital with no one knowing where he have been all those years.

In that moment, I feel so much hate and so much love that I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

Jeremy grew up rich and being that comes the privilege of having money. With his thoughts and ideals and all-consuming love for Sylvie, I thought he was the perfect guy. But he’s character needed some growing and it’s what made him likeable.

Sylvie is a complex character. She dreams of having a family that she can call her own and someone that would offer her stability. I like her character a lot because it shows perfectly human traits being vulnerable with insecurities but not broken, and susceptible to make wrong decisions and able to feel emotions. But most of all, she was loyal, has that inner strength and she stand by her words.

Silas is Sylvie’s husband. Old stallion, that guy. I actually love him amongst all the characters, more so than both Sylvie and Jeremy combined. He has flaws and all that wrong decisions and selfish acts he did, but it was the reasons that made him so endearing to me.

“When I was pregnant and alone, I was so desperate for a perfect family. I wanted that for Levi.”

Some may actually have a cause for concern with cheating, what with Sylvie and Jeremy having strong feelings for each other even considering the time has passed and Sylvie being married to Silas. I think it’s a matter of perspective on that aspect on what you considered cheating. Is it having feelings for someone else and that someone else reciprocating your feelings or does it need to have a physical contact to be considered that?

The mystery of what happened to Jeremy was one of the reasons that this book just did it for me. The twist was unexpected, something I never even thought that might be, and I may have wanted it to go a different way but that the author have just executed it perfectly that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I love that there’s character growth and that the characters were relatable no matter what their status of wealth is in. And that this book has touched me. A person, no matter how strong she is, sometimes, she also needs someone to be strong for her so she can be vulnerable and be human.

This book made me cry a lot, but it also made me think, and guess and speculate of who perpetrated the accident and how it happened. And of course, I haven’t forgotten, this book has also sexy and hot scenes. Hot as fuck. My favorites will always be with Silas.

I have expected differently because of the previous work I’ve read of this author, but I am just honored to read this novel. To Sophia, brilliant! I cannot wait what’s next from you.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.
“No, just exhausted. You?”
I don’t answer. My hunger is too dark and too complex to voice.

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