[Book Review: Taxxxi Tales by Richie G.]

7:35:00 PM

One night, I was going home and rode a taxi, and the cabbie driver tried to hit on me. Well, actually not immediately, but he was trying to coax me into a conversation regaling me with other passengers he had and some of his experiences. And well, tried to hit on me. I was actually one of those who look outside the window after I’ve gotten inside and I was feeling nice that time and didn’t want to be rude so I indulge in the conversation but it got me thinking about this book.

And so, after I’ve gotten home, I’ve opened this book and started reading, and well, it was like Scheherazade, except the tales was from a male cabbie named Frankie.

Each chapter starts with a “Take it from Frankie” line and its either something worth of a life lesson, or something practical up to fuck lessons of what to know about women and their wants sexually or how to woe them or seduce them. Take your pick.

The book was actually surprising for me as I only expected tales of hot scenes and raunchy adventures but I’ve gotten to like Frank with his tales and the advice he imparts. Although I may have wanted some kind of HEA, it would be deviating to what the author wanted in the first place, and the character, complex as he is, has just stayed to what he is: a ladies man but someone who will never settle.

So if you want to get down and dirty, a night or nights of passion and fucking, well then, this book is for you!

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