[Book Review: Porter by David Michael]

2:17:00 PM

There are many factors that this book has endeared to me. First being that Porter is a hotshot porn star. It’s the intricacies of being in a porn and in the industry, and how one acts in it, or the details on how one is made. Of course, I know there will be lots of fucking and it’s the main reason, no scratch that, top of my reasons why I like this book.

What? Did you think it was anything else? Oh come on!

Anyway, I think it’s kind of an obsession that I maybe wanting to read more of this stuff, but I have to table that idea for some reasons. I’ve read of a character being a porn star before but she was only a supporting character and that she was a succubus and so it didn’t really count.

Anyhow, I actually like Porter. But the thing is, he has all this weight he wanted to bear on his shoulder and it’s kind of heavy for me, too thinking I have to shoulder all the wrong decisions that my siblings did thinking I’ve been at fault. But other than that, man is he hot. Smoking and packing and well, hello, he can be the star of my fantasy.

Holly Nash is a different story. I’ve liked her at first. She’s smart, independent and a very likeable character. But I kind of got tired with her internal debate. It seems at odds for me with her character. I’m not really sure and I cannot really pinpoint what that something I didn’t like about her it’s just that I had to stop reading this book at some point.

Luckily, I was always pulled back by the cover because I’m such a #coverwhore that I’ve finally gotten to continue reading the rest of the book. I think I just needed a little refresher that when I got back to it, I enjoyed reading until I reached the end.

This was a cherry-popping for me actually and well, I hope to read more from this author. Probably when I’ve got my curious mind back on track, I’ll explore more on the world of making porn, on a reader’s perspective, of course, and read more from this author.

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