Review: Beauty and the Dark by Georgia Le Carre

12:37:00 PM

“I was willing to sell my soul to the devil for you.”

This is another from Georgia Le Carre and I must admit, I’ve been excited for Jack Irish. Beauty and the Dark is about a broken soul and a broken will who met and found purpose with each other to live and to flourish.

Sofia is an innocent soul broken when she was sold to a brothel when she was young and rescued by her brother-in-law. She’s like a baby thrust into the real world

Jack is a lost soul who wanted to change the world but was altered by the things he saw in his stay in Africa. He lost his will to live and nothing scares him.

They were fated to meet and that one kiss under the mistletoe have changed where there life will go. Their journey together was sweet, and inspiring but full of struggles because of the triggers and the trauma that held Sofia back. But it never held them both back to be together.

Once again, Georgia Le Carre delivered something that combines violence and passion together in this raw, intense and emotional read. Be ready to be swept away by the force of love of Jack Irish!

“I want you to know there is no depth I will not go to recue you.”

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