Review: Dirty by Belle Aurora

7:31:00 PM

“Crazy in love is a dangerous position for a man to be in.”

Although I’ve been crazy for this book, like maybe stalked and obsessed for it for a week or more, I’ve actually procrastinated before I started reading this book. I wanted more Twitch and although there’s more of him in here, the story wasn’t really about him and Lexi and Aj. It’s about Alejandra and Julius and I’m rather familiar with Happy than he is. But when I started reading, I couldn’t stop until I know where everything might lead.

Alejandra is born and bred mafia. She understands the life and that sometimes sacrifices must be made. She was married off at 18 and then she discovered that not all prince charming are charming Her ife became hell.

Julius became a changed man when he knew Twitch died. He was Judge, Jury and Executioner in the Underground. He was ruthless, a manipulator and a very dangerous man.

Julius and Alejandra’s story have endeared to me. It’s not like how it was with Lexi and Twitch, but it wasn’t less powerful It was all-consuming and madness and full of danger. It was intense and raw and dirty.

Belle Aurora have done it again! This book brought out intense raw emotions and dirty as fuck scenes If you have problem with tab and graphic detail of violence, then this book is not for you. But if you enjoy reading plots about betrayals and lives lost, killing and rough and raw scenes, then you should definite read this book. Definitely worth the wait!

“How does one become something from the nothing they always were?”

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