Review: Dollars by Pepper Winters

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“I’d asked for a night with her because I was fucking attracted to her-not to her skinny body and abuse, but to the soul inside.”

Dollars is the continuation to Pennies where Elder saved a bleeding Pim and brought him to what he calls his home, the sea. Going in, I am both excited and anxious. Excited because I know there will be more of Elder and to finally delve into his head. But anxious because I don’t know how everything will pan out and I have exhausted all avenues of where everything might lead.

“Killing didn’t faze me. Stealing a bleeding, dying woman didn’t increase my heart rate. I’d done worse, seen worse lived through worse.”

Elder is selfish, an enigma, both dangerous and mysterious at the same time. He’s also a complex human being with thoughts that are in contrast with each other and a set of rules he had created for himself to follow, and yet time and again, he’s breaking because of Pim.
“Her very injuries were what made her fucking stunning.”

Pimlico is broken soul but deep in her lies a soul that is innocent and not at the same time. She is my perfect heroine because I’ve dreamed of reading a character just like her, that when I think something in her might trigger, it does. It’s just the way I am fascinated by her because of her mind works, too. And there are still secrets in her mind that I wanted to discover and steal just like Elder.

“Sometimes, being bad is the only thing you can do to save the good in your life.”

This book has been slow for me at the first 27% mark. The novelty of reading flashbacks has lost its appeal on me and I try my hardest to get over it but it’s been something that interrupts with my reading. Although after that mark, I couldn’t put it down, sleeping be damned.

However, I expected this book to be darker than the first installment. I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted more. It focused more on Elder and Pim’s thoughts and their struggle with the situation they have decided to put their selves into with Elder being selfish and Pim judging him all the time.

But the ending left me something that made me crave more and want more. It’s my pet peeve in RL to wait considering I’m the one people always wait for, but I think the wait for next book is good to me. Because it made me absorb and process what I’ve just read. Now I’m in a book slump, all thanks to you Pepper!

“And there was no escape with water as her new prison and me as her new jailer.”

Books in Dollar series should be read in order:
Book 1: Pennies
Book 2: Dollars
Book 3: Hundreds
Book 4: Thousands
Book 5: Thousands

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