Review: Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye

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“Just feel. That’s all I want you to do. That’s your whole job right now. Feeling what I’m doing to you.”

It was Master Griffin that I was most excited about when I first read the introduction to the Blasphemy Series in Hard to Serve. And then ta-da!

“It was Kenna. The same freckle on her cheekbone. The same scar above her eyebrow. The same bow-shaped lips that looked so fucking beautiful gasping in orgasm and wrapped around his cock.”

This is a story of finding out your purpose in life again and the second shot at love was just icing on the cake. Kenna was a Marine, medically discharged because of the loss of her right forearm and hand. Her purpose had been to give motivation to people like her, after serving her country but she’d always feel like a fraud because of survivor’s guilt.

I like Kenna Sloane a lot. She’s brave, vulnerable and full of insecurities but that she took hold of her life and have gone back to that one thing that gave her the escape she needs, find herself in the process. Her journey was admirable.

Master Griffin on the other hand, oozed that mysterious aura from the beginning that I’ve gotten a glimpse of him. Reading about him hadn’t diminished that, it only increased his appeal. Dominant, a man who learned from his mistakes, and oh so sweet.

“I see beauty, Kenna. I see surrender. I see a woman bound to submit to me, and me alone. I see you.”

This book reminded me of why I loved to read BDSM novels. Even the strongest of women can be vulnerable but what made them stronger is their ability to let go, to surrender, to submit. Griffin and Kenna’s journey was heartbreakingly sweet but so hot with all the scenes. I enjoyed being in the Blasphemy and can’t wait to be back!

One of the things I love and look forward to when reading a Laura Kaye book is the use of f-bombs because what-the-fuck-ever. Seriously, I can’t get efuckingnough! I am excited to meet the rest of the masters and fall in love with them. ReadHard, always!

“The Marines hadn’t left her with much time to worry about her sex life-between training and deployment, sleep had been a premium, let alone sex. Still, on some level, she’d really missed this-this need to serve, to submit.”

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