Review: The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

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“But every fairy tale has a villain, someone waiting in the wings to rip it all down. A scoundrel who will set the world on fire if that means he gets what he wants.
That's me. I'm the bad guy.”

Have you ever been obsessed about a book, set a high expectation, get what you've expected and more? Yeah, this book. That's what it is for me.

“She was made for me, just as I'd been fashioned from the darkest materials for her.”

Sebastian Lindstrom is the villain of this story, the black knight, the perfect psychopath. And every line that had spewed from his mouth is the stereotypical lines that came from every story with a psychopath villain in the books I've previously read and probably will read in the future.

But there's something in him, creepy that he is, that I find humor in. Probably because he's thoughts are actually illogical but that he believed in them. I repeat, the perfect psycho. I may compare him to Parker, my favorite thief from The Leverage, in the way he reasons, his intelligence, and his analytical process on how he understands emotions.

Camille Briarlane on the other hand, is a teacher that is passionate in teaching and plants and sweet and nerdy and oh so sexy. I like her character a lot. And she's not the stereotypical female heroine that although she's a damsel in distress, she was smart and she used her head in every situation.

“I'm drawn to your spark of darkness the same way you're drawn to the ocean of mine. We aren't magnets pulled together by a weak force; we create our own gravity for each other.”

I really cannot pinpoint what endears me to this story so much. It may probably be the fact that Sebastian is so creepy but you can't help but be drawn and love his character, or the fact that he stole a woman because he thinks they were meant for each other. Or it could be that it has a psychological factor on how he reasons, and it just came to mind that if Sebastian gets psycho test, he knows what to answer depending on the mood that he wants the doctor to get after examining his results. He is so the male version of Parker!

Or its just that even if Camille is soft hearted, she has a devious streak in here. It may be also the unconditional love Sebastian's father have for him. Whatever it is, this book has made me giddy and obsessed.

This is definitely my favorite Celia Aaron to date! This story is dark that it will test your morals, but is full things I find humor in. The science involve is definitely sexy and oh so hot for me. Intelligent conversations and psycho-analyzing. Just my kind of read!

“Where you're concerned, I'll be as creepy as necessary to make you happy.”

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