Review: Recklessly Mine by Emily Bowie

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This book has so much potential, but it hit some of my pet peeve that it sort of tick me off.

Chase grew up in Three Rivers, a town that has never been good to him. But he had left it all behind and became a made man. Rich, successful and influential as well as hordes of women wanting to get into bed with him. But one favor shook his world, as he had to return to the town that held painful memories as well as secrets that felt like betrayals.

Katheryn is new in town when she met the guy that she felt the one that got away. The one person she considered she connected with, the person whom she felt a jolt of electricity whenever they touched.

So, it might have not just pet peeve but these are the things that didn't sit well with me.

The Suspense
The brotherhood felt like old for me. *eye roll* It's just a bunch of favors that started out simple and escalates as time goes by, but that the favors are were never easy but not too complicated. However, I felt that it would be something more, but the investigation was just so easy. It never made me feel I'm on the edge of my seat or that innate feeling that makes me antsy to satisfy my curiosity. Everything was laid out for me to see.

The troubled guy that makes you fall. It's just that all I read was he came from a difficult home, but I would rather feel it. Plus, the whole CEO thing. Yeah, big shot. Whatever. I've read it the first time. I felt like reading it second and third time feels like shoving it in my face. I know, so what? I've never felt he was one, though.

She met the guy for a night, and really, I don't get the whole virgin thing. It's just that she lived a boring, average life before Chase. No excitement, no nothing. And to think she was the normal, sweet one.

It's just that the things that tick me off didn't make me enjoy my reading journey. It also made me think of a blog post I needed to write soon. I mean, ah, is there a formula a sex scene should follow? It's just not this book though, but that it made me feel 'should I skip this part or not because I might miss something.


P.S.This is the second version of the review because when I press save, it just lost it. Eff goodreads? Haist.

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