Review: Inflict by Bethany-Kris

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You haven't read a dark book yet if you haven't read Inflict. This book will test your boundaries and how hard you are to stomach something so dark, something so vile and something that a mere child shouldn't do.

This book has hit one of my hard limit: skinning someone alive. I'm cringing, yes, but the darkness in me enjoyed all the blood and the violence, and the vivid description of torturing someone before killing them. (Curse you, Deathnote, this is all your fault!)

Ah, but I love the story and took me long to finally write something because damn, my mind is just full of dark swirling mess.

P.S. Fun Fact:
Every time Connor speaks, the voice in my head is that of a sexy Irish. It was weird and fun and in a good way but when I try to read other parts of the book in an Irish accent, I couldn't though.

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