Review: Hundreds by Pepper Winters

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“I wanted to own her every memory, not because such things would solidify my feelings for her, but because I needed to make what was hers mine.”

I am actually bereft of words on how to start or review this book. I've awaited this book, did some unhealthy stalking and feed in my obsession, just so I'll be able to know when this baby will come out. And when it did, I was off the grid. Go figure.

“He was violence as well as tenderness. He was obsession as well as rationality.”

Anyway, the previous installment, Dollars, end in a heart-stopping moment. And what do you know, this book did, too! I'm not sure how, but it's like every wish I have of how the story will unfold is being granted and my heart sings with joy and darkness, of the possibility of more pain.

The previous installments left me wanting more of Elder's thoughts and this book gave it all. But he has a chaotic mind as well as unhealthy habits that makes him the perfect anti-hero. And Pim is just wonderful. It's crazy to see how she have come so far and some of her unhealthy rationalization but her character development is becoming complex but that something you'd appreciate and love.

“Life was better. Life was mine to steal and manipulate and decide.”

One thing that held me back for that 1 star was that Elder's push and pull was an exhausting game for me. It feels like he's stringing me along for the ride and when he is that moment, I am left hanging with my emotions all over the place and replace with intensity and raw need.

“Never in my life had I been kissed so tenderly but so viciously.”

Overall, this book is just the perfect sequel and I cannot wait what will happen next.

“He stole every thought.
He massacred every argument.

Books in Dollar series should be read in order:
Book 1: Pennies
Book 2: Dollars
Book 3: Hundreds
Book 4: Thousands
Book 5: Thousands

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