Review: Disgraced by Natasha Knight

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“She woke something inside me that left me feeling out of control. That had my heart beating fast, that made my heart pump blood hard through my veins.”

What is it about forbidden that makes us crave it even more?

That's the question, isn't it?

So when this book pop up, it wasn't even a question of what I'm going to read next but of how fast I could devour and consume this book.

Damon and Katalina are two characters I've come to like and been intrigued with ever since reading Dishonorable. I think what's more facinating is the dynamics of this two. That something palpable in them, and something that makes you want to explore.

Damon's life revolve around his faith and church and religion. It became the only thing that matters to him, to become a priest. It became his salvation, away from a life that held so many dark memories.

Katalina is a sheltered young girl, but there's a darkness in her that lurks inside. She's naïve and tries to believe the good in everyone.

Theirs is a love of chance, of fate and destiny making a way for them to meet and endure the hardship so that they'd come out strong and together.

At some point I'd definitely thought of Priest, because of the scenes happening in the church. But the difference lies in that Damon is still a deacon, I believe although not mention considering of the break he was given before being ordained into a priest. And that there's a need of rush of adrenaline because of the mafia involved.

Natasha Knight has once again brought something sweet and light into the darkness, and you'd be left in with a nice wrapped-up bow of epilogue.

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